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The earliest extant examples of Chinese characters were generated from the real shape and appearance of objects, engraved on oracle bones. Chinese calligraphy was considered the defining feature of Chinese culture and the supreme visual art form in ancient China. However, most westerners find Chinese typography art complex and challenging to understand. To solve this problem, a motion graphic along with an immersive installation experience design, Chinese Motion Type, was made to redesign a set of Chinese characters with a modern look. The motion tells the meaning of each character.

The goal of this project is to explore the potential of the modern design of Chinese typography.
Personal Project           
3D Motion Design

A Group Work with Huangzhi Tang and Wenyue Zhan


Chinese Motion Type exhibit installations spread throughout the space, using digital technologies and immersive experience to physically feel what a letter means and convey the artistic conception of the characters without a speech.

Lovely sketches of spacial design ideas