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GOAL is a mobile app that helps people to build and design the lives they want in the time they’ve got. 
Personal Project           
Concept Development
Visual, UI/UX, Motion Prototype
User Testing: 32 users, IOS
Language: English


People don’t know how toincrease their productivity and control their time.

There are hundreds of apps about time management and increasing productivity, such as calendar apps, to-do list apps. Why do people still have problems with unsuccessful time management? Why do people keep asking how to increase productivity?
It’s a problem that hasn’t been solved with so many time management apps. People who failed to sufficiently allocate their time cannot get their desired results. The guilt of spending time not aligning with their goal leaves them more pressure. The stress from the never-ending working plan is damaging. It can hurt the relationship, health, and overall happiness results in unbalanced life.

Increase productivity
Sufficient time allocation

Goal app is highly functional, intuitive, and simple, but more than that, the app is delightful with an emotionally engaging and fun interaction system. I want to deliver the feeling that increasing your productivity doesn't mean your life is structured in a grid, or you should feel any stress from achieving the goals you set. It should feel fun and with the objective of change one step each day.

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