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LONE is an interactive mobile App introducing a revolutionize E-commerce by rethinking international shopping, offers users an authentic international social shopping experience.
Thesis Porject           
Concept Development, Art direction,
Design, UI/UX, Motion Prototype
User Testing: 60, IOS & Android
Language: English


Limitation Americans on a per capita basis made only 0.2 international trips a year.
CuriosityIncreasing demand for International Shopping, people have a high willingness to buy authentic, creative products.
Lack of Authenticity 70% of online shoppers don’t know what they are looking for.

Problem Statement

It’s hard for people to buy authentic things from a small boutique or even on the street around the world.


Make Discovery SimpleEnhance discoverability by optimizing search options;
Allow users to find the best buy aligned to their needs.

Design for TrustSeamless social shopping: travelers share realistic experiences, buyers get inspired;
Easy to contact with LONE shoppers.
Hand-picked posts just for you;

Ensure authenticity and user-friendliness through design.


Travelers discover things when they are traveling.

LONE shoppers are local shoppers who can go pick up the products and ship them.

Buyers are people who want to buy authentic items from any
store anywhere.

How Does it Work

LONE connect buyers who want to explore authentic items from overseas with travelers willing to share their discovery. The LONE shoppers will bring the items back to buyers.

User Journey