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MOVE is a training app. Our installation connecting with Google's intelligent home system helps people work out with proper postures.
Personal Project
Visual Design, Product Design, Concepting, Prototyping

Background & Problem Satement
There are a lot of people who don’t work out with professional instructors. People do the daily workout with Training apps, Youtube videos, or just by themselves at home or gyms. It is very easy for people to make workout mistakes such as poor postures, and it is hard for us to notice that. When people do exercise with posture mistakes for a long time, it will result in health issues.

With MOVE, no matter you are working out following a training video or you are just doing your own freestyle routine, MOVE will match poses from a camera to poses from the accurate postures dataset, help users to analyze if they are exercising with the right posture, show them which body parts are not doing the right posture and what they should do to adjust on their MOVE app.

How it works
Graphic, projection, tracking people with sensors. It tracks your position and posture movements in space.

Inspired by a google project called Move Mirror,  and an interactive search engine project from Random Studio.

Each time you move, your digital series of associations moves with you, accurately identify the workout you are doing, cycling through images and videos of accurate poses.

After you taped Starting workout or turned on the camera mode will activate the body tracking.

If you are in the wrong posture, the AI will tell you where you are doing it wrong.

If you are dancing in front of the camera... ↘︎

You’ll only receive compliments of your dancing poses since Move won’t recognize good/bad dancing pose.

Future Thinking

What if this can make learning sports easier. Introductory beginner class of How to skateboard, snowboard, so that you won’t hurt yourself by doing it wrong.