The Museum of Memory is a museum showcasing important memory in every art forms from photography, fashion, graphic design to installation design, with extraordinary exhibitions related to the most emotional memory.
Museum of Memory          
Concept Development
Brand Identity, Visual Design,
3D Motion, Story Telling
Language: English


Travel through time & space

What if we’re in a folding world, our time is folded, and our memory is folded, the cities and architectures are folded. Everything in the timeline of this planet is slightly repeating, repeating inadvertently, the second hand is whispering through the time.



Kinetic Logo



The concept came from The Persistence of Memory, a painting by artist Salvador Dalí.

The motion is a surrealist perception of thinking around the relationship between time and human beings – Are we killing time or is the time is killing us.

There are things we could not forget when moving forward at such a fast speed.

The logo is a symbol that connects the past with the future. The kinetic logo is carrying that “time is always changing” concept through the whole branding.

I want this museum could showcasing a range of things, from well-known artworks to someone’s important memory based on one single macro thinking point – Memory, because only Time is fair to everyone, the museum should be fairly open to showcasing all-important memories. Different theme each season.

Make Something Interesting.
Currently working @Instrument :)