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↩︎Nike↩︎ I worked on several Nike projects including buiding new digital ecosystem guideline, Nike social creative & strategy directions, Nike vision work for NRC App, some campaign websites and product detail pages.

↩︎F8↩︎ is a conference held by Facebook, help developers to get inspired, and get connected together. I worked to create the identity, concept, and Save the Date website.

#Concept   # Brand_Identity   #Motion  

↩︎Twitter↩︎ I worked on Twitter developer platform MVP & Vision, Twitter Career websites, and Twitter Design MVP & Vision. 

#Concept   # Brand_Identity   #UI/UX 

↩︎Converse↩︎ I worked on Converse digital design team on the new visual design system and the UI/UX for Converse Editorial Hub, Converse Basketball Hub and some other product line launch pages.

#UI/UX   #Brand Strategy   #Converse Vision

↩︎Move↩︎ is an installation helps you to get the right gestures during your workout.

#Concept   #Design   #Prototype